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 Theorycrafting gems

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MessageSujet: Theorycrafting gems   Mer 15 Juil 2015 - 19:14

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Je vous conseille de lire toute la discussion, on y apprends pas mal :p

Hay guys,

I am a former, highly skilled World of Warcraft player and as such I could not stop doing the same on Cabal 2, namely Theorycrafting.
For everyone who is new to it, Theorycrafting is just the name for doing some really nerdy calculation.

I am going with the word "Trinket" for "Gem", just because I am used to it.

Today I played around with Gems. There are two types of it, On Use Trinkets and Procc Trinkets.
On Use is pretty easy to understand, you just move the Trinket to your hotbar and click it. Procc Trinkets work the otherway around, you dont have to use them, they do it for you on specific situation, some proc on hit, some on being hit, etc.

You have to keep in mind that you can not stack the on use and the proc trinket of the same type !

The On Use Trinkets are:
Final Effort - Increasing Physical and Magic Attack by 50 points for 10 seconds. Can be used every 90 seconds.
Instant Alertness - Every 2 seconds over 6 seconds you will get 200 MP (Total: 600 MP). Can be used every 90 seconds.
Divine Protection - Over 10 seconds your Magic and Physical Defense will be increased by 1000. Can be used every 90 seconds.
Graceful Touch - Every 2 seconds over 6 seconds you will get 200 HP (Total: 600 HP). Can be used every 90 seconds.

The Procc Trinkets are:
Rebound - Increasing Physical and Magic Attack by 50 points for seconds.
Inner Focus - Every 2 seconds over 6 seconds you will get 200 MP (Total: 600 MP).
Ironskin - Over 10 seconds your Magic and Physical Defense will be increased by 1000
Reaction - Every 2 seconds over 6 seconds you will get 200 HP (Total: 600 HP)

While I was testing the trinkets, I did only use auto attack for the most accurate results, but because those Trinkets can not be activated by yourself, the cooldown and the up time varies. I did my testing with all 4 proc Trinkets and came to the conclusion, that they have a slightly lower cooldown than the One Use Trinkets by around 20 - 30 seconds. They all have the same proc type, they will activate if you are casting something, even while buffing.

Lets look at the Rebound and Final Effort Trinket for an example. Final Effort has a fixed cooldown by 90 seconds, pretty easy I know, but Rebound will proc when you are doing damage. As soon as the buff is up, there is an INTERNAL cooldown, which you can not see. In my tests the cooldown is around 1 minute + 20 till 30 seconds. In theory you should achieve a higher dps with the proc trinket, but because you can not use it for your battle mode when you want it like the Final Effort (You have to use Final Effort right before entering the battle mode, while in bm you can not use it), so it can or can not proc while you are in battle mode, but it is possible that it can proc while in battle mode, you just can not force the activation.


Force Archer specific Trinkets

Other than the Abysmo Trinkets, do the Honor and Conquest Trinkets improve our existing skills. They can not be used actively, they work indirectly, like augmentations. There are:

Glacial Arrow (Honor) - Instead of freezing only one target it freezes every enemy around your main target - around 5 - 7 yards/meters (like our grenade radius). The damage is the same, but keep in mind that it will increase the cooldown by 45sec, so do not use it if you have only one target ! (like 1v1 duel)
Mass Purifying Bolt (Honor) - Same as mentioned above, but it is worth mention that this is a pretty useless trinket besides mass pvp, because of the high cooldown. In PvE there is NO scenario so far that requires you to dispel 2 monsters at the same time.

Perfect Evasion (Conquest) - Besides the normal effect of the ability you will also get a buff for 10 seconds which increases your Evasion by 2000.
Sharp Mind (Conquest) - It will double the effect of the ability (Deadly Focus). Instead of 217 MP every 3 seconds, you will get 434 MP every 3 seconds over 15 seconds, but cooldown is also increased by 50% (from 60sec to 90sec).

In my opinion is the Sharp Mind the best we can have, it can be an allrounder and be used in every scenario, secound would be Glacial Arrow. But with the high cooldown on Glacial Arrow I would recommend to use it really only when needed and only while playing in a group, because soloing an elite with such high cooldown on your only crowd control effect is deadly.

My Advice is:


1. Rebound
2. Final Effort / Sharp Mind
3. Glacial Arrow

Final Effort for more damage (only use it when your Rebound is not active), Sharp Mind in case you have mana issues and Glacial Arrow for group cc.


1. Final Effort
2. Perfect Evasion

With Final Effort you can active your extra magic attack when needed and you also have with Perfect Evasion a good tool for surviving. There are also PvP specific Trinkets but I didnt test them yet and so I can not say how they play out.


Snapshotting the debuffs

You might have heard about it, in detail it means that if you use one of your Gems with a damage increase like Final Effort before you use one of your debuffs. Let tak Posion Arrow and Final Effort for an example

You use Posion Arrow without any damage boosting effect, it will tick for 200 damage over time. Now, if you activate Final Effort prior to using Posion Arrow it will also hit harder over time, lets say for 250 damage over time. And here begins the snapshot part. As you may know, when the buff from Final Effort expires, the damage boost is gone, but not on the debuff, it will still tick for 250 damage over time even with the damabe buff of ! So, if you are using Rebound or Final Effort place your DoTs when the buff is up and only refresh it when they expire.


A word to the Developer/Translator:
Who the **** did translate those tooltips for the Abysmo Trinkets ?! Even on the ON USE trinkets is stated that it HAS A CHANCE.... Stop using the Google Translator and use what god gave you - your brain !

I really hope that this post will help you and I appreciate any further information and constructive criticism. If you still have question go ahead and ask, I will be happy to help you. I also will develop this topic further with new information about other stuff, so I dont have to open everytime a new thread, so check back from time to time.

With best regards,

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Theorycrafting gems
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